Are you mobile friendly?

Whether you have a small, medium or large company, each will have an audience who looks at their website on a mobile or tablet.

You may assume that you're website will get looked at during the working day on a desktop, but there are so many hours at either end of the day. What about working mothers combining work with a trip to the park? Some of your target customers only get the peace and quiet to search online in the evening, perhaps cosied up on the sofa busy scrolling on their mobile or tablet. Think of the number of hours commuters spend on the train each day.

A website must capture the feel of your company whether it be a restaurant, a law firm or a design studio and it's got to be responsive too.

are you mobile friendly? Young woman looking at website on her phone.
If you're going to have a website and go for responsive design, do it properly. A website is your most important sales tool, so don't let it go to waste with a poor user experience.

User experience is now a big part of website design. It has almost usurped aesthetics, but really it must be on a level pegging. When your website is your chance to impress, make sure you don't make viewing your website a frustrating experience. Having to expand and reduce a page to read it is, let's face it, annoying. We want to be able to locate information quickly, which in turn will encourage a bigger chance of a sale, whether it is an item being placed in a basket or a table being booked.

Social media has played a big part in the change of our internet surfing habits. Checking out a funky new bar's facebook page, you expect it to link to an equally cool website. When this doesn't happen you're left wondering, is it even the same place? If the website is hard to navigate, and a business relies on it, you need to start thinking of a serious refresh - and making it mobile friendly.

Being responsive will also give you a better chance of being found on search engines. With Google changing their algorithms, they are forcing businesses to keep up. By this we mean that unless a website is responsive or mobile friendly, your position on Google may start to slide. Google are already ranking mobile friendly sites higher than those that aren't. They are forcing businesses to consider the quality of what they are putting out there.

Now you've read this, you may well be wondering what to do next. Give us a call on 01403 753141, we are happy to have a chat, it might be best thing you do today.

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