Brave Thinking on Course for Latest Launch

Brave Thinking has just launched the website for professional golfer Arron Wright. As lovers of the game we were thrilled to know we would be working with Arron on his website and all digital marketing.

It is apparent that in addition to hard graft and dedication, golfers get noticed off the golf course with their branding and products. Fans can keep up to date by checking their favourite golfer's website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. It's a way of getting noticed in a highly competitive world. But let's not forget you still need to play brilliantly. Take Jordan, Rory and Justin. They all have logos, branding, websites, massive social media presence, their own product ranges and an awesome game.

Arron Wright, Pro Golfer

With this in mind, Arron made it clear his focus needs to be on his game and the season ahead. Happy to put his trust in Brave Thinking, we take care of branding and digital marketing and Arron takes care of getting the ball in the hole.

The vision for the website was to include cool styling, powerful images and a great user experience. As Arron is currently on the PGA Euro Pro Tour and has made the last round of qualifying for The Open being held at Royal Troon, we ideally we wanted to launch in time for Arron's first win as a professional. We created, edited images, wrote copy and launched the website in a week.

The more punch the golfer packs for their own brands and for others, perhaps it raises the question, 'are golfers the well-mannered ambassadors of the sporting world?'

Proud to be working on behalf of Arron, all at Brave Thinking are eagerly awaiting to see how he does in his current competition.

I was very fortunate to meet Nathan, founder of Brave Thinking whilst playing on the course at Goodwood. We started talking and I knew we would a) get on well and b) I could trust him with my website and marketing. Brave Thinking can basically do it all. — Arron Wright, Pro Golfer

Make sure your name, brand and digital presence is as powerful as your game. Get the right attention on and off the course with the help of Brave Thinking. Call now on 01403 753141.

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