The Power of Colour

Colour appeal is lodged deep in our subconscious. Each of us loves and hates different colours influenced by our childhood, culture, fashion choices (that favourite jumper); the list is a complicated one.

As designers, when approached by a start-up needing a logo or a business requiring a re-brand we fully investigate their market, their customers and what makes them tick to guide us in the choice of colour.

The Power of Colour.

You as the business owner and your team need to love it too. Each business is individual, managed by individuals with their own personal history and vision. You may already have a preference and know which colours you wish us to use or avoid. Equally as important is how your clients will react to your colour choices. The subliminal messaging your colour will portray to them is critical.

When you consider the big brands out there, from banks to fast food chains, and try to picture their logos in other colours it doesn't sit right. Your bank is unlikely to use pink just like you probably can't imagine a fast food chain using grey.

Colour is powerful. Have you thought about the impact of colour in your branding? What does it say to your clients? Is it time for a refresh?

For one of our clients, mountaineering is his passion. It was a great starting point for this IFA Company as we could combine the mountain profile into the logo and use ice and snow as inspiration for the colour. Coupled with the nature of the business, a bright blue worked perfectly as it also signifies trust, loyalty and confidence.  —  Read more about our work with Mitchell & Company here.

An art gallery in London required new branding and not wanting to overpower the beautiful paintings for sale, we opted for a soft green. Being a calm colour, it complimented the tranquil atmosphere of the gallery where paintings by Stubbs and David Shepherd are displayed.  —  Read more about our work with Rountree Tryon Galleries here.

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