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Downsend School is a very proud and successful school with an equally proud heritage, stretching back to 1891. The time had come however, to revise their current identity and bring the school's brand and appearance into today's modern era, without losing its heritage.

Tackling first of all the Downsend crest/logo, our research concluded that the white dog was popular, synonymous and integral to the Downsend School brand. We proceeded to remodel and modernise a new version of the dog whilst also staying true to its design and keeping it instantly recognisable.

The new branding led to production of a wonderful new school prospectus, information booklets, adverts and other marketing collateral.

Brave Thinking won the pitch for this project based on some very creative and distinctive marketing strategies. Indeed, we felt Brave Thinking respected, understood and knew how best to evolve the proud Downsend School brand. We are all extremely happy with what has been produced for us and feel this new material and crest compliments our school and ethos beautifully.

— Donna Wardell, Marketing Director
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