Ecommerce Website, Photography and Artworking

Equine America is market leader in the supplements market for horses, dogs, cats (and humans!).

Cortaflex is one of their best-known products for joint supplementation and is used by leading riders and trainers across the world in all equine disciplines.

Equine America came to us for an e-commerce website, to sell the many different products to the UK market.

We designed and built the e-commerce website as well as photographing each product and uploading them onto the website. If the customer required further information, they could also download a PDF of the label, giving all nutritional data.

To compete in the equine product market, we had to have an e-commerce website. By working with Brave Thinking, it meant we not only had our website designed and built, but they photographed and uploaded the products for us! It's great they have so many strings to their bow.

— Equine America
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