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Burgess Hill School for Girls has always had a nursery for boys and girls, but with the need for day care for children from aged 2½ in high demand, it was time to re-brand and raise awareness that boys are welcome.

This new, purpose built environment needed a new name, branding, a website and printed material.

We came up with the name Nursery 51, which is not only unique when comparing it to the names of nurseries in general, but refers to the number of weeks the nursery is open every year, immediately appealing to parents that need full or part time day care for their children.

The fun, cute branding appeals to parents of boys as well as girls and portrays the message of lively, active children. From here, we designed and built the website, created and printed a mini prospectus and stationery as well as other promotional material.

Our nursery needed a new name and branding to appeal to boys as well as girls. It was a very exciting time for us, and we all loved the purpose built environment for the children. Brave Thinking really considered what our name needed to offer and came up with Nursery 51, which is brilliant. The new website is vibrant and embraces the element of being active. Thank you!

— Mrs Suzanne Arnold, Nursery Manager
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